BED AND BREAKFAST BOOK

                      “TO B&B OR NOT TO B&B”


                                     By Bruce and Mary Jaffary


One of the most complete books you can read on how to open a Bed and Breakfast. Written by B&B operators who have opened four successful Bed and Breakfasts over the 13 years they have been in the business. It is full of the information you will need in every stage of your B&B from planning to full operation.

The Book is not only a practical and complete hands-on guide to setting up a B&B and the day-to-day operation but is an examination of what is involved and who is particularly well suited to it. Mixed in with the 'know how' are many interesting and amusing stories of B&B from our own experiences over the past 13 years of operating one, which are lessons in themselves.

The Internet has created a revolution for B&B marketing. Operators using the Internet to actively market their B&Bs are now getting the majority of their bookings from this source. The book has extensive up-to-date information on how to utilize this marketing tool.

We have been asked if our book is a strictly Canadian reference - of course, the answer is 'no'. Hospitality knows no boundaries! Although there is some specific Canadian content,  the book is international in scope.  We are very proud that we have shipped our book to 23 different countries and have had some wonderful comments from our readers.

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We were a little surprised to read Bruce and Mary's book, as it is exactly the book we had wanted to write ourselves! After our few years' experience, it is easy to see they have it all covered, and no We one should dream of starting in this business till they've read it cover to cover. It's a thoroughly enjoyable read, besides, and an excellent refresher for the rest of us." -- Roger & Jim, formerly owners of Toronto Downtown Bed & Breakfast and former moderators of Canada BB Hosts.

"As a former B&B owner myself and a teacher of B&B seminars in Alberta, I can highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of starting a bed and breakfast. Well written, informative, funny and very useful. I recommended it to my students." Elsa Peterson, formerly of Dickens Inn B&B.

“I was just looking at your book and I think it is a terrific resource, full of definitive information”.Pamela Lanier, Lanier Guide Books

This book is a terrific place to begin marketing your B&B on the Internet. It’s information on developing and marketing your B&B’s website is clear, concise and accurate. Bruce and Mary really make it easy”. Trent Blizzard, Blizzard Marketing.

I read you book this weekend…what a wonderful reference for B&B owners especially for those starting out.  Thank you for all the work you put into it and for being open to sharing all your experiences and gathered expertise from years in the industry”.  Marilyn Campbell


 Our book is no longer published in a print edition. The majority of our orders over the past few years have been for our Ebook so we have decided to only sell that version. . If you like to read books on paper, you can print out the pages and put them in a loose leaf or get them coil bound at Staples. Order below and we will email the book to you in Adobe with the password to download. It is not an automatic download system so it may take a few hours for us to forward it to you.

The price is $18.00 CDN - 179 pages. TO ORDER - Use the secure PayPal option below  to use your PayPal account or use your credit card.  Alternatively, send us a money order and include your Email address. The E-Book is ideal for overseas orders as there are no shipping costs. After we receive an order we will email the book to you with a password to download it. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF file.

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